Zehor Belkhatir

PhD Students


Zehor Belkhatir is a PhD candidate in the division of Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering (CEMSE) at KAUST.  She joined KAUST in September 2013 after having accomplished, with first class honors, a double degree of both engineering and Master from Ecole Polytechnique of Algiers in 2012. Her research interests include control and estimation of  biomedical systems. ​

Research Interests

  • Control​ Theory
  • Estimation
  • Biomedical systems

Selected Publications

·    T.M. Laleg Kirati, Z. Belkhatir and F.D. Ledzema, "Application of Hybrid Dynamical Theory to the Cardiovascular System", In Hybrid Dynamical Systems, Springer, pp 315-328, 2015. (book chapter)

·    Z. Belkhatir, T.M. Laleg-Kirati, “Fractional Dynamical Model for Neuro-vascular Coupling”, 36th Annual International IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS) Conference, Chicago,  Illinois, USA, 2014.

·    Z. Belkhatir, T.M. Laleg-Kirati and M. Tadjine, “Residual Generator for Cardiovascular Anomalies Detection”, 13th European Control Conference, Strasbourg, France, 2014.


Talks and Presentations


·    Z. Belkhatir and T.M. Laleg-Kirati, “Fractional Model for Neuro-Vascular Coupling”, SIAM Conference on the Life Sciences, North Carolina, USA, 2014.

·    Z. Belkhatir, T.M. Laleg-Kirai and M. Tadjine, “Detection of Cardiovascular Anomalies: Modeling, Identification and Diagnosis”, Workshop on Analysis and Approximation of PDE’s, Algeria, 2012.