Zineb Kaisserli

PhD Students

Research Interests

  • Generalization of a semi-classical signal analysis method to image analysis
  • Function approximation
  • Spectral problem for Schrodinger operator 

Selected Publications

Journal and Conference Proceedings

  • Z​. Kaisserli, T.M. Laleg-Kirati and A. Lahmar Benbernou, “Image Reconstruction Using Squared Eigenfuctions of the Schrödinger Operator”, Inverse Problems and Imaging Journal (Submitted).

Oral and Poster Presentations

  • Z. Kaisserli and T.M. Laleg-Kirati, “Image De-noising Using Discrete Spectrum of a Schrödinger Operator”, SIAM Conference on Imaging Science (SIAM-IS14), Hong Kong Baptist University, 2014. (Oral Presentation)

  • Z. Kaisserli, T.M. Laleg-Kirati and D.Y Liu, “Reconstruction of Two Dimensional Potential with the Squared Eigenfuctions of the Schrödinger Operator”, International Workshop on Multiscale, Modeling, Simulation and Inversion, KAUST – KSA, 2013. (Poster Presentation)

  • Z. Kaisserli, T.M. Laleg-Kirati  and  D.Y. Liu, "Semi-classical based image reconstruction", the Sixth Colloquium on Trends in the Applications of Mathematics in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, 2013, Algiers, Algeria. [PDF]

  • Z. Kaisserli and T.M. Laleg-Kirati, “Semi-Classical Signal Analysis”, Congress of Mathematicians Algerians, CMA’2012, Annaba-Algeria, 2012. (Oral Presentation)​​​​