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Ph.D Student Focus: Mohamed A. Bahloul

April 3, 2018 - Posted in Miscellaneous
Brain.jpgMy name is Mohamed A. Bahloul. I am a first year PhD student at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology within the Estimation, Modeling and ANalysis group (EMAN group). My research interest is in Bioengineering where my objective is to develop novel technologies to improve both the quality and the efficiency of healthcare and to propose effective technological solutions that hospitals can incorporate into their existing infrastructures and methodologies in a relatively short term. ​

I am currently working on the characterization of brain regions from Brain imaging modalities (fMRI, PET, fNIRS) using both model-driven and data-driven approaches where my objective is twofold. First I aim at proposing low complexity models that describe accurately the different neural, hemodynamic and metabolic mechanisms. Second, I work on developing new biomedical signal/image post-processing algorithms that will allow extracting relevant information from the available data. As a researcher in this field, I would like to expand my knowledge in various aspects of signal processing, data acquisition and analysis. In addition to that, I would like to deepen my understanding of the underlying biological system that produces physiological signals which are the basis of biomedical brain images. 

My ultimate goal is to become a technological leader in neuroscience more specifically in Brain imaging who can skillfully address a variety of healthcare challenges.
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