Fernando defense

Fernando Diaz defends MS thesis

​On July 23rd, Fernando Diaz, MS student in EMAN group defended his MS thesis. He presented a new methodology for detection of anomalies in the cardiovascular system.  A  lumped parameter model of the cardiovascular system  has been considered and  restructured using a hybrid systems approach in order to include a discrete input vector  that represents the influence of the mitral and aortic valves in the dierent phases of the cardiac cycle. Parting from this model, a Taylor expansion around the nominal values of a vector of parameters is conducted. This expansion serves as the foundation for a component fault detection process to detect changes in the physiological parameters of the cardiovascular system which could be associated with cardiovascular anomalies such as atherosclerosis, aneurysm, high blood pressure, etc. An Extended Kalman Filter is used in order to achieve a joint estimation of the state vector and the changes in the considered parameters. Finally, a bank of lters is used in order to detect the appearance of heart valve diseases, particularly stenosis and regurgitation. The rst numerical results obtained are presented.